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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Better prizes for this year SPDP Mambong Football Tournament

SPDP vice president Captain Zainuddin Hamdan Sirat (back row, six from right) and chairman of SPDP Tarat Captain Miron Ganguly (sitting, third from right) with the players after the final match.

RESPDEMOP Recreation Club will continue to organise the SPDP Mambong Football Tournament this year (2013) with more lucrative prizes.

The club’s president Captain Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamdan Sirat said the overwhelming response for last year’s tournament inspired the club to have the next tournament this year.

Tan Sri William Mawan performing the kick-off to officiate at the final of the SPDP Mambong Football Tourney.
A total of 44 teams played in the open’s category and 10 teams in the veteran category in 2012/2013 edition whick kick-off in October last year and ended on January 27, 2013 at the Siburan Sports Complex.

Zainuddin said bigger cash prizes will be offered in this year’s tournament and early preparation would be made to make the tournament grander.

In the final played at Siburan Sports Complex on January 27, 2013, Pesaka 16 edged Policia Fys 2-1 in the final to win the open’s category.

As the champion Pesaka 16 received RM1,500 cash prize, trophy and medals.

Policia Fys finished as the first runner-up and walked away with RM1,000 cash prize, a trophy and medals.
Third was Mambong FC and received RM500 cash prize, a trophy and medals.

Meanwhile SPDP Mambong team playing with four former state players including win brothers Ramles and Ramos Sari thrashed Vat 16 3-1 (army veterans) to emerged the champion in the veteran’s category and walked home with RM1,050 cash, a trophy and medals.

Vat 16 finished as the first runner-up to received RM650, a trophy and medals.
Policia Fys player (in red jersey) heading the ball 
during the final match against Pesaka 16 FC.
Bumbok FC finished third and received RM350, a trophy and medals.

Social Development Minister, who is also SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom officiated at the closing and gave away the prizes to the winners.

Mawan said the tournament should be held again not only to unearth potential talents but also to encourage healthy lifestyle.

A total of 44 teams played in the open’s category and 10 teams in the veteran category.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

54 teams in SPDP Mambong football tourney

Captain Miron performing the kick-off.

The second edition of the SPDP Mambong (Tarat and Bengoh constituencies) football tournament was jointly kick-off on November 4, 2012 at Siburan Mini Stadium by SPDP vice president Captain Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamdan Sirat and chairman of SPDP Tarat Captain Miron Ganguly.

A total 54 teams registered and participated in the competition - 44 in the open's category and 10 teams in the veteran's category.

Also in the fray was Team SPDP 40 marshalled by six ex-state football players, namely Ramles Sari, Ramos Sari, Bobby Pian, Louis Jakai, Petrus Lassek and Tader Mogig.

SPDP 40 is the favourite to win the veteran category of the tournament.

SPDP president who is also Social Development Minister Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom will officiate at the closing ceremony and give away the prizes to the winners after the final matches of both categories at the Siburan Mini Stadium on Dec 23.
Captain Zainuddin was delighted to notice the encouraging entries in the tournament saying that several teams could not make it to the tournament as the entries has reached the maximum number.

“As such we would like to extend our apology to those teams and we hope to have them in our future tournaments,” he said.

Meanwhile chairman of the tournament organising committee Tader Mogig said the standard of the tournament is high with many teams engaging quality players. 

Captain Miron  (fourth right) with Team SPDP 4 players. 

SPDP Mambong joined SPDP 10th anniversary celebration

Presentation from SPDP Mambong and Mas Gading 

Cutting of  the10the anniversary cake.

SARAWAK Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) 10th anniversary celebration was held at Kingwood Hotel in Sibu on 16th November 2012 and was attended by some 2,000 party leaders, members and supporters.

Another performance from SPDP Mambong and Mas Gading.
Joining the celebration were a group of 30 SPDP Mambong and Mas Gading members lead by Captain Zainuddin Hamdan Sirat. Also present were chairman of SPDP Tarat Captain Miron Ganguloy and chairm of SPDP Bengoh Sebastian Sakoi.

Theme “Moving Forward As 1” the colourful celebration was graced by SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom and was also attended by several other BN’s component party members and leaders including Member of Parliament (MP) for Ulu Rajang Datuk Billy Abit Joo and MP for Kapit Datuk Alexander Nata Linggi.

SPDP Mambong members Greg and Mojig given the honour to raise
the party flag.
The evening started with a special and colourful welcoming extravaganza by Puteri and Putra SPDP and followed by the party 10th anniversary cake cutting ceremony after the president’s speech.

This was followed by the inter-community performances to portray the party multi-racialism, 

then the inter-division performances, which saw dance and singing performances from several divisions of SPDP including from performances by Puteri SPDP Mambong and Mas Gading, SPDP Baram, SPDP Batu Lintang/Pending, SPDP Sibu as well as the ‘oppa gangnam style’ dancing by Putra and Puteri SPDP Bukit Assek division.

Five former dedicated and loyal leaders and members of the party who has already passed away were also awarded during the function with the “Jasamu Dikenang” awards.

The recipients of the awards were the late Datuk Peter Tinggom, Datuk Dr Judson Tagal, Kapitan Tang Nguong Sit, Giman Itam and Rang Lemulun.

And at the function Mawan also received hundreds of application forms to become member of the party including George Cross Medal recipient Awang Raweng and two recipients of bravery awards.

Mawan in his speech said the 10th anniversary celebration was to celebrate what the party has achieved and urged the party leaders and members to rededicate themselves to their responsibilities.

“We are big and truly happy family because for ten years we have been struggling and the 10th anniversary celebration is something that we should be proud of,” he said, adding that the spirit shown had been overwhelming and urged the members to keep it up.

“But more importantly, SPDP is our party because each of us has invested time and energy to build the party. Through efforts of party members we built SPDP of today,” he pointed out.
He urged party members to continue contributing to the party strength and solidarity, state and nation.
Special performance by Puteri SPDP during the dinner. 
“If we in a big family can unite ourselves then we will be able to play meaningful role because in the last ten years we have been very focus and loyal to the party, BN, state and Federal government leaders,” he said, adding that "there was no point to be strong if we use our strength against our friends."
“Reviewing our commitment to serve in the spirit of our party ideals, together we can shape the destiny of SPDP for tomorrow.

“We celebrate because the party has stayed true to its ideals of integrity, multiracialism and service to the nation and the people and that it has enjoyed the support of stalwarts who served faithfully year after year, and attracted new members who are equally committed and loyal,” added Mawan.

He said the party also need to push itself and recruit more young members, adding that the party is targeting to get 200,000 new young members in two years time.  

SPDP President praises RESPDEMOP

SELAMAT DATANG: Tan Sri  William Mawan being welcomed at
the dinner.
THE roles played by the Respdemop Recreational Club headed by Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) vice president Captain Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamdan Sirat since its formation three years ago has received praises from SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom.
HAPPY HOURS: Captain Zainuddin (third left) and  his wife
 Melati singing the Indonesian number "Oh Melati" and
 joined by other RESPDEMOP members. 

Saying that he never has problems with the setting up of the party's social recreation club in the parliamentary seat of Mambong, Mawan said with getting more and more members the club has been able to play its part in strengthening the party, especially by pulling in those who were not politically-inclined.

“I believe this would augur well for the strength of BN as a whole even though Mambong is not represented by SPDP.

"If you do not take care of yourself properly, then it can mean doom. Doom here means not about being sent to jail or lose your job, but you may lose your friends,” said Mawan at the Dinner and Dance reception held in conjunction with Resdemop's third anniversary at a restaurant in Kuching on 6 November 2012.
THANK YOU: Tan Sri William receiving the souvenir from
Captain Zainuddin (second right).

“That goes to show how complicated, how challenging is politics. But in democracy, political organisations are necessary vehicles to organise to get people mobilised, to get people to part in polling process and to bring in those who shy away politics," he added.

Mawan, who is also Senior Minister and Minister of Social Development said that social organisations such as Resdemop Recreational Club are one of the many ways to get closer to the people by organising activities that attract public participation.

"I never doubt your (Resdemop) ability to attract more people," he said.

Meanwhile, Resdemop chairman Captain Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamdan Sirat said the club has been organising many community service activities in Mambong.
JOGET TIME for the guests.

He said the funds raised through the dinner will be used to fund its upcoming activities. Among the activities is a football tournament at the Siburan Mini Stadium (November to December 2012), which attracted 54 teams.

Among the activities were helping a single mother to build her new house, donations to fire victims and disable people, family days for members and sports activities like jogathon and football competition.

Mawan also announced RM20,000 grant for Resdemop and another RM5,000 were raised through the golden songs sung by Mawan at the dinner.

Among those present at the dinner were SPDP vice president Rayan Narong, Mas Gading potential candidate Anthony Nogeh and entrepreneurs Henry Harry Jinep and Albert Tanon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another successful event by Respdemop Recreation Club

THE dark sky at about 7am gradually turn bright. The fine weather last Sunday morning has enabled the Respdemop Jogathon 2011 being held successfully along the newly built Kampung Semadang (Penrissen)-Kampung Skio (Bau) Road.

Some 120 runners competed in the six categories jogathon – Men’s Open which covering running distance of 8km, Women’s Open (6km), Men’s Veteran (6km), Women’s Veteran (6km), Boys and Girls categories (3km).

Seasoned state marathon runners also took part in the run. Among them were Sabri Sedi, Kaliani Rajamaniskam, Derrick Leong, Junaidi Abang, Lin Nyuk Hua, May Lai, Martina Kemiri, Wilson Jungan, Mohd Ismail, Tan Sii Eng, Linda Ho and Chan Yen Ching.

When rain fell in the afternoon it didn’t stop the side events to proceed and in fact it was filled with lots of funs especially in the tug-of-war event.

Thirty two pullers from four teams flexed their muscle under the rain on the muddy field to win the cash prizes, trophies and other prizes offered to the winners.

At the end of the event, Bomba Team emerged the champion of the tug-of-war after defeating Borneo Heights Bikers Club (BHBC) in the final.

Rela Kampung Semadang team was third while the Respdemop Recreation Club team came in fourth.

Sabri Sedi clocking 46 minute in the 8km Men’s Open jogathon emerged champion, second place was Wilson Jungan while third place won by Mohd Ismail.
In the Women's Open, Tan Sii Eng was champion, second Linda Ho and third Chan Yen Ching.

Sofirezam Jaan was adjudged champion in Boys category, second place won by Elios Ritikos and third was Felixion Paul.

In the Girls category there were only two winners with Feona Sheron wining the first place and Syamsubana Syarima took the second spot.

Season Reservoir runner Kaliani Rajamaniskam was champion in the Men’s Veteran category, Derrick Leong and Junaidi Abang came if second and third respectively.

For the Women’s Veteran, Lin Nyuk Hua, May Lai and Martina Kemiri won the first, second and third place respectively. First, second and third winners in every category received cash prizes plus trophies.

Added to the event are numerous side events which provide active spectators participation like the live band performance, colouring contest for kindergarten and primary school pupils, telematch for children and sales of food and beverages.

The event’s venue at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) St Patrick Semadang was fully filled with thousands of spectators watching the events and later joined in welcoming the arrival of the Public Health Assistant Minister Dr Jerip Susil to officiate the closing of the event and presented the prizes to the winners.

Dr Jerip’s arrival was welcomed with the poco-poco dance performance put up by 30-members of Kampung Semadang poco-poco dance troupe – the performance which entertained the crowd.

Respdemop Recreation Club which was officially launched by the Senior Minister of Social Development Tan Sri William Mawan in July this year and the Respdemop Jogathon 2011 is their first sports event.

Dr Jerip in his speech praised Respdemop Recreation Club for their initiative in organising the event which he said was a healthy activity worth promoting and encouraged among the community.

He advised the local community to support and not politicising such activity, adding that too much politicking would bring negative effects to the community.

Meanwhile a participant Lin Nyuk Hua who participated in the Women’s Veteran category said it was a well organised event and suggested the jogathon include jungle trek.

“I enjoy the running and see the beautiful scenery of the mountains, rivers and the green rain forest along the route,” she said.

When told that the Borneo Rainforest Run 2012 would include jungle trek, she quickly said: “Yes, I will come again.”

At the same function Dr Jerip, who is also State Assemblyman for Bengoh constituency launched two new events to be held in his constituency next year.

The two new events to be organised by Ma’asa Event Management are the Sarawak River Treasure Hunt 2012 and Borneo Rainforest Run 2012.

Dr Jerip who expressed his full support for the events said it should be annual affair to lure in tourists and visitors to the area.

The Sarawak River Treasure Hunt 2012 would be held in July next year along the Semadang River, starting at Kampung Semadang and going upstream to Kampung Danu.

The Borneo Rainforest Run 2012 will be held in September next year along the Kampung Semadang-Kampung Skio Road.

Kampung Semadang headman Samson Mangang who was excited about the event said he is looking forward to the Borneo Rainforest Run 2012.

He confidently believed the event is able to draw big crowd to the village, which will benefit the villagers.

“Like today’s event (Respdemop Jogathon) the local people selling food and drinks made good sales which is extra income for them,” said Samson.

Respdemop Recreation Club Captain Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamdan Sirat said the event will be held again next year but the venue might have to be switched to either Krokong in Bau or in Padawan. The event director Robert Kenneth was happy that the whole event went on smoothly and has achieved it objective.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Captain Zainuddin (left) and Sebastian Sakoi showing the permit to solicit funds for the jogathon. 
KUCHING: Respdemop Recreation Club which was officially launched by the Minister of Social Development Tan Sri William Mawan in July this year will hold their first recreational activity – the Respdemop Jogathon 2011.

The event which is opened to both local and foreign runners will be held on November 13 along the newly built Kampung Semadang-Bau Road, up the new resettlement for villages affected by the Bengoh Dam.

The club’s president Captain Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamdan Sirat said the run will be divided into four categories – Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Boys and Girls categories.

The Men’s Open will cover a running distance of eight kilometres, Women’s Open (6km) while Boys and Girls category is three kilometres respectively.

“While running the participants would enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains, rivers and the green rain forest along the routes,” said Zainuddin.

He said invitations will also be sent out to higher learning institutions to invite foreign and local students to participate in the jogathon.

Zainuddin also extended invitation to all the local runners to participate in the run including the Reservoir runners and Hash Run runners, promising them an exciting event with attractive cash prizes.

Interested runners are advised to register earlier with a registration fee of RM30 and registration can be made at the registration’s counter at Ju Cafe, Ground Floor, Sublot 9, Block B, Princess Garden Commercial Centre, 9th Mile Jalan Penrissen, Kuching (next to Open University Malaysia).

He said the registration’s counter will be opened on November 7, 8 and 9 from 10 am to 5 pm at Ju Cafe.

Cash prizes and trophies will be awarded to three top winners and three consolation prizes in each category and all participants will receive certificate of participation.

“Added to the event are numerous side events which provide active spectators participation like the live band performance featuring several popular Bidayuh singers, poco-poco dance, exhibition, foods sale and colouring contest for kindergarten and primary school pupils.

“A tug-of-war event open for public participation will also be held after the jogathon event,” he said.

Zainuddin said the public will be admitted free of charge to the venue of the event at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) St Patrick’s Semadang where they can enjoy a wholesome family entertaining outing.

For further enquires, interested runners can contact the club’s secretary Sebastian Sakoi (013 -8420927), Event’s Director Robert Kenneth (013-2036553) and Mojig Lassek (0198660819).

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Respdemop hulur bantuan kepada ahli yang kemalangan

Kelab Rekreasi Respdemop (Respdemop), sebuah kelab yang dianggotai ahli-ahli Parti Demokratik Progresif Sarawak (SPDP) di kawasan Parlimen Mambong telah menghulurkan bantuan wang tunai dan bekalan makanan kepada dua ahlinya yang ditimpa kemalangan.

Kapten Zainuddin (dua dari kiri) bersama-sama ahli Respdemop
ketika hulurkan bantuan kepada Bajeng (tiga dari kiri).  
Dua ahli terbabit ialah Banyeng Anak Siwa, 45, dari Kampung Simpok, Padawan dan Hansel Anak Meran, 21, dari Kampung Garung, Jalan Puncak Borneo.

Banyeng terjatuh dari ketinggian 20 kaki semasa melakukan kerja menukar atap sebuah rumah menyebabkan dia cedera di pinggang dan patah tangan kanannya.

Beliau dijadual menjalani pembedahan tapi buat masa ini sedang menjalani rawatan tradisional sementara Hansel yang cedera di matanya akibat terbabit dalam kemalangan jalan raya di Kuala Lumpur semasa dalam perjalanan ke kolejnya telah pun selamat menjalani pembedahan matanya minggu lalu.

Presiden Respdemop Kapten Zainuddin Tan Sri Hamdan Sirat berkata,wang berkenaan adalah sebahagian daripada dana yang berjaya dikumpul pada majlis makan malam anjuran kelab itu pada 30 Julai bagi membiayai sebahagian daripada kos rawatan mereka.

Respdemop yang berdaftar dengan Suruhanjaya Sukan Malaysia, kini mempunyai kira-kira 3,000 ahli di kawasan Parlimen Mambong, yang sebahagian besarnya adalah golongan belia dan remaja sejajar dengan matlamat SPDP mengambil lebih ramai golongan itu sebagai ahlinya.

Zainuddin berkata, Respdemop komited untuk bukan sahaja membantu ahli-ahlinya yang ditimpa kesusahan tapi turut membantu individu-individu yang memerlukan termasuk warga tua yang kesakitan seperti memerlukan kerusi roda untuk bergerak.

Sebelum ini Respdemop telah membiayai kos pembinaan sebuah rumah baru untuk keluarga seorang ibu tunggal Rosnah Sija dari kampung Garung, bantuan makanan dan pakaian kepada mangsa kebakaran di Rumah Likik, Pakan, bantuan kerusi roda kepada warga tua yang cacat di Kampung Peros, Bau, keluarga mangsa kebakaran di Kampung Punau dan bantuan kepada beberapa ahli SPDP yang memerukan.

“Kita berharap untuk mengumpul dana yang mencukupi untuk disalurkan kepada pihak dan individu yang dalam kesusahan,” kata Kapten Zainuddin yang juga penyelaras SPDP Bahagian Mambong.

Selain melakukan kerja kebajikan, Respdemop turut menganjurkan aktiviti sukan dan rekreasi untuk merapatkan hubungan dan kerjasama sesama ahlinya dan anggota keluarga mereka.

Pada awal tahun ini kelab itu menganjurkan Hari keluarga Respdemop di Kampung Jambu, Padawan dan di Kampung Peros, Krokong, Bau.